Kids Bikes

After first steps and first words, the next milestone in any child’s life is their first bike. Most start early and get a tricycle, and then move to a two wheel model (with training wheels of course).

And of course, sooner or later those training wheels come off and then the sky is the limit!

No matter which stage your child is at, you can rest assured that the team at Central Coast Cycles will make certain that their entry into pedalling is a safe and enjoyable one, and with the brands of children’s bikes available will ensure that their bike can handle all the punishment a kid can dish out.

kids-mongoose-rockadileboys Mongoose Rockadile Boys
kids-mongoose-rockadilebirls Mongoose Rockadile Girls
kids-mongoose-mitygoose Mongoose Mity Goose
kids-mongoose-missygooseMongoose Missygoose
kids-mongoose-lilgooseMongoose Lilgoose
kids-mongoose-ladygooseMongoose Ladygoose
kids-jetblack-cruzeeJetblack Cruzee

All bikes displayed on this page are purely an example of the range available at Central Coast Cycles. Availability, prices, colour and specifications of all bikes are subject to change.